Community Student Engagement & Compliance (CSEC) Ratings

3 years ago

Community and Student Engagement and Compliance (CSEC)

What is CSEC?

House Bill 5, passed into law at the 83rd session of the Texas Legislature, created many positive changes for public education, including the establishment of a Community and Student Engagement and Compliance rating (CSEC) for schools. The new rating system gives schools an opportunity to perform a self-evaluation and take a close look at campus and district performance in eight categories of community and student engagement and one aspect of policy compliance.


What categories are school and districts being evaluated on?

The nine specific categories each school and district evaluate annually include:

  • Fine arts.

  • Wellness/Physical Education.

  • Community/Parent Involvement.

  • 21st Century Workforce Development Program.

  • 2nd Language Acquisition Program.

  • Digital Learning Environment.

  • Dropout Prevention Strategies.

  • Educational Programs for Gifted and Talented Students.

  • Compliance with statutory reporting/policy requirements.



Which are the top three categories that Hearne ISD will be monitoring in 2017 – 2018?

  • Community and School Engagement

  • 21st Century Workforce Development

  • Wellness/Physical Education



How are schools and districts rated?

Local committees determine the criteria that will be used to rate each of these factors. While the Legislature did not specify who should participate or how often they should meet, the state did require districts to use the criteria developed to self-evaluate the organization and each respective campus. A

rating must then be assigned to the district and each campus, fitting the following ranking for each of the nine categories: recognizedacceptable or unacceptable.


How did Hearne ISD develop its CSEC rating system?

A district-wide team assembled during April – May looking at areas of need and developing the rating criteria. The community was invited to participate in a survey addressing each category in order to provide input. Campus teams reviewed each of the required categories to self-evaluate and further develop this rating system.

More than 100 students, staff and community members had multiple opportunities to participate in providing input for the rubrics that have resulted in Hearne ISD’s CSEC ratings. Campus and district committees continue to meet monthly to monitor progress on the identified categories.